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Barrels of Tokenism

In winery photography, there are just some things that cannot be avoided. I have mentioned in previous posts that some shots are going to be clichéd, while also being necessary at the same time. I […]

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Sunset Redux

I have posted a couple of HDR (high dynamic range) photographs on here before, and have talked about what it is and why it is used, so I won’t bore you with all of that […]

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Upon further reflection…

Winery photography is fun and challenging. It’s fun because you get to hang out in, well, wineries! It’s challenging because most wineries share the same things—tanks, barrels, hoses, etc., but they don’t want their images […]

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Light of Wrath…

Photographing grape clusters is just about as token as it gets for a Napa photographer. It’s right about there with vines and hot-air balloons (coming soon).  But just because it’s a cliché, well, that doesn’t […]

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Why HDR? Because!

This picture was taken right off the eponymous Dry Creek road. I am constantly amazed by the Napa Valley’s ability to present sublime photo opportunities that could, quite literally, be enjoyed by rolling down the […]

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Clinging to life

I earn a living taking as a wine bottle and winery/vineyard photographer, but even still, my days off find me seeking personal pleasure in my vocational climes.  One day I was walking around a vineyard […]

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