Barrels of Tokenism

In winery photography, there are just some things that cannot be avoided. I have mentioned in previous posts that some shots are going to be clichéd, while also being necessary at the same time. I think I may have even threatened to post a few more such pictures.

Well, I am not one to make idle threats, so, I present to you…WINE BARRELS! There are probably as many pictures of wine barrels as there are barrels. And I have to admit that I certainly have contributed to the large but still growing inventory of them. But none of that really matters. If a client needs a picture of their wine barrels, it’s my job to give them one, and it better be the best one I can take!

In this picture I decided to go with the classic red-wine-stained look. Applying a selective focus to just the top of the barrel gives it less of a straightforward, editorial look. OK, basically I am sharing this picture solely because I like it. And I like it because it is clichéd. I like it because I took my time to make it the best shot I could. My clients would expect nothing less, and even when you are faced with taking the same shots over and over again, it is important to remember whom you are doing it for. And while I may take many such shots, it might be the first time they have hired a photographer and no matter what, I will always give it my best shot—pun sadly intended.

– Bryan Gray, Napa Valley Winery and Wine Bottle Photographer

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