Non-profit Photographer

As a Napa Valley photographer, I get to shoot a lot of great wine, food, places, and people. I am truly blessed to be able to live and work here. But Napa is, in many ways, much like any other city. And as such I am not stuck (using the term in a rather tongue and cheek fashion here) JUST taking pictures of the sun setting on a famous vineyard. I also get to masquerade as a non-profit photographer!

One of my favorite “gigs”, if you will, is shooting for the Napa Valley Youth Symphony. Kids of all ages, dressed in white and black, sitting on a main stage of an conservatory theater or auditorium, playing their hearts out is quite a fun site to see…and hear!

Every year I get to photograph them before their major holiday concerts. And it is a real treat. Wine bottle photography is rewarding to be sure, but this satisfies the soul. 

I feel it is good to give back to your community. Being a non-profit photographer helps me towards that goal. 

Have any questions? Do you work for a non-profit and want to discuss a shoot or my non-profit rates? Please contact me!


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