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Telling a story, honestly

“Tell a story.” That is one of THE most important things you can do when photographing just about anything. Even in wine bottle photography, there is a lot you can tell as a photographer by […]

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Love and Happiness

Cinque Terre may have been one of the most beautiful places we travelled to while visiting Italy. And that is saying a lot; Italy is beautiful. But here, along the blue Mediterranean, the towns, the […]

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Pier 39 Seals

My sister was visiting from El Centro, CA a few weeks ago and in between reminding her that it was 75 degrees here in Napa and 115 degrees in El Centro, we played tourist for […]

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Lunch at my house…

It has been said that many a cliché or stereotype was, at some distant point in the past, at least loosely based on truth. This is no truer than “Napa” and “Napa Lifestyle.” While I […]

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Yes, it’s the Golden Gate Bridge

While sailing in San Francisco Bay, I snapped this admittedly rather token picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t know why I like it so much. Intellectually I know it’s not a great shot, […]

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My wife’s parents were out for the 4th of July weekend, and we pretended to be teenagers again and threw are party at their house—sadly, with their full consent and permission.  And well, OK, it […]

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Happy Cows

About 5 minutes from my house in Napa are the famous (at least locally) Napa Valley Oreo cows. People come from miles away to see these cool-looking bovines and marvel at their unique coloring. No, […]

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Happy Trails

While on a trip to Convict Lake (outside of Mammoth) to check out a possible spot for a possible family reunion, I convinced my wife to sit outside with me at 1:00 am for a […]

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Cold short walk to a long pier

We went to Garwoods in Tahoe for Happy Hour. It’s a fun place with myriad custom drinks with names apropos of the atmosphere—names that I cannot repeat here, but involve, well you know. I looked […]

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My wife and I are vacationing at Northstar in Truckee, CA for some skiing and general snow fun. She’s a great skier and I can now make it most of the day without falling down […]

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