Decisions, decisions…

There are many decisions a small business owner makes. None of them are made lightly, and all of them are made with the hope (and sometimes even knowledge) that they will help grow your business, make it more profitable, or generally improve it. As I hinted at, you HOPE your decisions will help your business, but you rarely actually KNOW they will. One such decision I made, one that I can say without a doubt will help my business, was joining the Napa Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Under the direction of new CEO and President Travis Stanley, the Napa Chamber is laser-focused on helping local business while raising the exposure and image of the Chamber itself, which of course helps all of its members.

Travis brings real-world marketing and PR prowess to the Chamber, having most recently been the Senior Executive Vice President of Marketing for the Golden State Warriors. But while so impressively engaged, he was also building personal relationships with many business owners in Napa. As a result, he was immediately able to jump in with an understanding of our concerns and needs.

Travis, and his impressive team of people like Vice President Susanne Heun, and Director of Membership Services Cynthia Summers, are truly dedicated to helping all of us grow our business and bringing new acclaim and recognition to the business of Napa.

Since I have been with the Chamber, I have met more clients, had more work, and have simply felt more a part of the local business community and the community as a whole. I truly enjoyed the Expo (my first), where I got the unmistakable sense that something truly great and inspiring was happening. More than one person who stopped by my booth said it was the best Expo they have attended in 20 years. High praise indeed, and no doubt a sign of even greater things to come.

If you are a local Napa business owner, and you haven’t already, I sincerely recommend you consider joining the Napa Chamber of Commerce. It’s always nice to know that you can count on one decision helping you grow and prosper in this beautiful place!

Below you will find just a small sample of the images I have captured at some of the Chambers excellent and still improving events.




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