Fun with all kinds of photography

No matter how much you love your job, it is, at times, just a job. It can be boring or difficult, and sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it. So far, that hasn’t happened to me. Am I lucky? Of course! But I also do such a variety of photography; bottle shots, vineyard photography, event photography, real estate and even food photography. This variety, and the challenges it brings, has kept my work refreshing and fun. So, I thought I would share just a few of the different things I have been working on lately.

adobe-August 07, 2014175_4_3_2hdr.jpgcosentino-August 29, 20144-2.jpgdelicato-314-Edit.jpggoosecross-September 23, 2014100.jpggoosecross-September 23, 2014107-2.jpggoosecross-September 23, 201417-2.jpggoosecross-September 23, 2014177.jpggoosecross-September 23, 2014180.jpggoosecross-September 23, 201425.jpgjaneboxLANCASETER-September 22, 2014421.jpgkenzo-August 02, 2014645.jpgkenzo-August 02, 2014674.jpgkenzo-August 02, 2014682.jpgkenzo-September 11, 20141-3-Edit.jpgkenzo-September 12, 2014295.jpgkenzo-September 12, 2014401.jpgkenzo-September 12, 2014508.jpgkenzo-September 12, 2014555.jpgkenzo-September 12, 2014674.jpgkenzo-September 12, 2014719.jpgnapachamber-August 12, 201411.jpgnapachamber-August 12, 2014259.jpgnapachamber-August 12, 2014312.jpgpietra-September 25, 20141-5.jpgshafer-September 02, 20142-2REDblackWHITE.jpg
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