High-end Real Estate shoot

I had the opportunity recently to shoot a real estate project for a massive estate valued at one point at over $5.5 million, but now going for a very affordable $3.4 million.

I won’t get a chance to shoot the gardens and grounds until the spring, but I thought I would share some of my favorite entire shots with you.

Almost all of these were HDR, with an attempt to keep the tones natural.

I can’twait to share the shots of the grounds with you next spring!

katehanni-February 13, 2014103And8morehdr.jpgkatehanni-February 13, 2014121And8morehdr.jpgkatehanni-February 13, 2014179And8morehdr.jpgkatehanni-February 13, 20141And9morehdr.jpgkatehanni-February 13, 2014220And8morehdr.jpgkatehanni-February 13, 201432And7morehdr.jpgkatehanni-February 13, 201466.jpgkatehanni-February 13, 201494And8morehdr.jpg



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