Gazebo with a few

Doing wine bottle photography is fun, and, as I mentioned, I can do it at any time, day or night. But sometimes it’s nice to “get out of the office”, so to speak, and these images I am sharing with you represent exactly why that is.

The client here wanted a some shots that included their gazebo (located on the top Mt Veeder) that showcased it’s location…namely the view and the fact that it is nestled between a dark redwood forest and a verdant and bright vineyard.

I tried to avoid the more stock approach and I (and more importantly the client) really liked the results. Below is my personal favorite, capturing details of the forest, the gazebo, the vineyard, and the Napa Valley view way, way, way below. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed taking it.

For you photo nerds out there (that would be me) this image is actually an HDR composite of 9 different exposures. The forest, the gazebo, the vineyard, the sky, the mountains, and the tree I used to frame the shot were all in different light and required different exposures. The only way to get this shot was to take nine different shots and blend them together. A bit more work, but DEFINITELY worth the effort.

I find myself using HDR more and more, especially for vineyard shots and tasting room shots, especially when you are shooting a tasting room or anywhere inside a winery and you want to capture anything outside of a window. Fun stuff!

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