Fun with wine bottle photography

It might seem boring to many, but wine bottle photograph is fun. As a wine bottle photographer, I love the challenge that each bottle of wine brings. Different labels, different foils, some with matte labels and some with labels with foil that reflect EVERYTHING, wine bottles are like finger prints–each one is different. Take this collection of St. Supery wines I worked on tonight–I also happily work there and, trust me, the wines are as good as they look! There are basically five different types of wine bottles here, two that are somewhat transparent, two that have extremely reflective silver foil on their labels, and one perfectly tradition-style label that didn’t require me to pull my hair out. Color is critical on all bottle shots, but must be absolutely flawless on Roses, otherwise you have bubble gum or purple or something worse in the bottle and that won’t sell anything. I put these individual wine bottle photographs together just to show the diversity of wine bottles and labels within just one winery and to prove just how much fun and challenging it is to be a wine bottle photographer!


wine bottle photograph of red, white, and rose wine bottles

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