A Lucky Tornado?

I got a new client that makes a small amount of wine with his wife. He actually works for one of my other clients and makes this wine on the side. Hey, it’s Napa. We either make wine or drink or both…that’s just how we roll!

But seriously, I wanted to share the label art with you, because it is such a cool story. The name of the wine is “The Lucky Tornado” which, if you are like me when I first heard it, thought it was a strange name for a wine. But he told me that he met his wife when their planes were delayed due to a tornado warning. Many years later, they are making “The Lucky Tornado” in a bottle. Pretty cool.

The artwork below is from pictures I took from commission art he had brought in from, Nebraska, I think. Any way, he asked me to shoot the artwork so he could turn it into labels. And that is what you see below. I have to say, after shooting so many wine bottles, it was nice to shoot something that was not only beautiful but flat…and non-reflective, and non-transparent! Basically anything not made of glass!


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