My wife and I are vacationing at Northstar in Truckee, CA for some skiing and general snow fun. She’s a great skier and I can now make it most of the day without falling down and/or pooping my pants in abject fear. Fun. My last time up here I nearly blew out both of my knees and had to take the ride of shame off the hill in the invalid sled. Two knee braces, a bottle of Vicodin and a month later and here I am, back at it again. It’s a funny thing, skiing. It’s expensive, cold, and potentially life threatening, and yet this place is packed with people crazy enough to keep doing it. We are a fascinating species!

While looking out the window of the condo we are staying in (luckily enough for us it’s owned by the best in-laws in the world) I was enjoying these icicles. The way the light was shining through or being reflected off of the ice was pretty cool. You can even catch specks of blue from the ski. Being the person that I am I just had to take a few shots. This one was my favorite.

– Bryan Gray, Napa Valley Wine Bottle and Winery Photographer

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