Ah, look at all the lovely people

janeboxLANCASETER-September 22, 2014421.jpgjaneboxLANCASETER-September 22, 2014440.jpgjaneboxLANCASETER-September 22, 201460.jpgjaneboxLANCASETER-September 22, 201482.jpgjaneboxLANCASETER-September 22, 201483.jpgjaneboxLANCASETER-September 22, 201488.jpg
I have been doing more people photography lately, and it’s a lot of fun. Sure, when I shoot wine bottles, they don’t talk or complain, and when I am done shooting them, I usually get to drink them. Shooting real estate is fun, but houses don’t smile. I love to photograph food about as much as I love to eat food, but now I have to clean dishes. People are just plain more dynamic. And when you get lucky, you get a REALLY photogenic person, like Jane here, who is starting her own direct wine business that focuses on the experience of wine and place.

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