Wine bottle photography? Not always!

Today in the studio we are shooting chocolate…LOT’S of chocolate! Here’re a few of my favorites…so far.

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New Studio In Action

FINALLY getting my studio together at our new house. Still needs sheetrock and electrical (coming next week) but man, do I love the space. Here’re my first shots along with the setup for them, just […]

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Images in Wine Spectator Ad

Had a fun full-day shoot a couple of months ago with Shannon Halikas from Wilson Daniels, who is quite the art director, with the goal of getting some shots for an ad they were going […]

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Still-life on canvas but really on disk

From a shoot today. The client wanted me to match a style of an old still-life on canvas. Not something I normally do, but I think the results are quite nice! As a wine bottle […]

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Wine Bottle Photography for Advertising…it’s fun!

The shots below are from a photoshoot I did for Wilson Daniels. They needed a few bottle shots for an ad they are running in the Wine Spectator, and I was all too happy to […]

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Anatomy of a bottle shot

When photographing wine bottles, sometimes you need to get far away to get close.

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Real Estate Photography in the Napa Valley

From a recent real estate shoot in Coombsville. One great thing about photographing real estate in the Napa Valley…there are no shortage of amazing homes. This one is going in the 1.6-1.7-million-dollar range. Lighting was […]

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Shooting wine for color

Worked on a fun project for Shafer Vineyards and Andy Demsky, trying to show how wine changes color when it ages. Our problem? We were using Shafer wines, that hold up astonishingly well. I found […]

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Fun in the sun (with food photography, that is)

Fun quick and dirty food shoot at Round Pond Winery yesterday. My favorite thing about shooting food, well, one of them, is how easily it photographs in natural light. I shot these with diffused light from […]

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Shoot it and eat it!

Just finished the food photography project for Copper Cain, and one of their clients, Meiomi Winery. Lunch is on me!

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